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HYF Mega Organic Cotton Cloth Tampon


The following is a review recently received from a customer:

The tampons are working out well. I bought the Maxi ones, and to be honest, they are huuuuuge. I don't think they'd be suitable for everyone due to their size. They are very absorbant- they can last a whole night without any leaks, so much better than Sea Pearls, but they are quite drying, so only good for very heavy days.

I might try the smaller sized ones for every day use, as I am preferring them to sponge tampons, as there is hardly any chance of leaks (and I have very heavy flow). I'm not sure about the recommendation that you can wash them in a washing machine, unless people use a natural wash liquid such as Ecover. I think the optical brighteners in mainstream wash powders might not be a good idea for something worn internally. As I tend to use Fairy in my wash, I have been handwashing the tampons using Akamuti African soap. What I will probably do in future, is buy enough for a week's supply and then wash them in the machine in one go using Ecover.

So in summary- they are brilliant- much more efficient than sponge tampons or cloth pads on their own for a heavy flow, but need to be washed in a natural wash liquid, and a few women might find the maxi size quite large.
Date Added: 13/05/2010 by Heather Finlay
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