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WN Organic White Ecru Medium Fairy Hammock


Like the rest of this Organic Natural Ecru range, this product is outstanding!

It is quite thick, but I have worn thicker disposable ones! The advantage of these over the disposable thick pads is that they:

(a) have wings for security to your underwear, as well as providing 'side protection'. The wings have the same top fabric and backing fabric - so they're also absorbent, rather than the disposable wings that don't soak up anything should you sit funny.

(b) They are so comfortable, highly absorbent, with none of that 'icky' feeling that disposables get not long after you've put them on (though, that feeling might just be me, but I feel like disposables become soiled very quickly).

(c)You forget you're wearing them not long after you put them on, thanks to the top fabric that feels just like underwear.

(d) They wash brilliantly, I rinse mine through in cold water before soaking them overnight in cold water with some salt, bicarbonate of soda (you could use borax as an alternative to bicarbonate of soda, which is what anyone with washable nappies would use, you can usually find it in the 'eco friendly' cleaning section of supermarkets) and a sprinkling of washing powder. The key is COLD water, due to the protein content of the soiling, all a hot wash does is literally cook it into the fabric. But you don't need lots of detergent, salt or bicarb for the soak - just a sprinkle before putting them in with a normal wash.

(e) These are 'medium' sized - and I haven't had to walk like a duck. I'm a very petite person (still fitting into kids jeans) and I find that even slim disposables are just too wide, and the teen disposable ones are a waste of time. Even though they're thick, they're not too wide for me - and they also bend to your body brilliantly! Unlike the disposable ones, which I find tend to want to bend in any direction other than what I'd like until I've had them on for half an hour.

All in all, these are a brilliant product, and if you're just starting out with washable pads, I wouldn't pass these up!
Date Added: 09/07/2009 by Helen Gail Fisher
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