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The Jam Sponge is a menstrual sponge with attitude! It is a very natural and comfortable alternative to using tampons. The pack contains 2 sponges,a cotton storage bag and the exclusive Jam Sponge badge. It is advisable to give the sponges a rinse before you use them in the unlikely event that there might still be some sand or seaweed attached."How does a Jam Sponge work?" You simply squash it into your vagina and it soaks up the blood. "How do you get it out?" You just stick your fingers up yourself and pull it out. When your Jam Sponge is ready for a change it will begin to slide down from your cervix to the entrance to your vagina. You will get plenty of warning that this will happen! Just stick your nice clean fingers inside yourself and slide it out. It might help you if you push down with your pelvic floor muscles at the same time. If you feel any resistance when you try to get your Jam Sponge out it is probably not ready to be changed so just leave it a bit longer, but no longer than 8 hours. "How do you change it?" Method 1; pull out your Jam Sponge and rinse it under the tap. Method 2; put the full sponge into the specially provided bag to wash later and insert a clean one. "How long can I keep a Jam Sponge in for" Wear for no longer than 8 hours (or overnight) but it is better to change your Jam Sponge between 4 to 6 hours. "How long do they last?" With care a Jam Sponge can last a year. 'How do I wash them?' You simply rinse them out during your period and at the end of it give them an overnight soak in boiling water with a few drops of tea tree oil in. (Or you can soak in boiling water with a tablespoon of bicarbonate) Then you air dry them until next time. You can also put them through the washing maching but use one of those little bags that you are supposed to put soap tablets in. "How do I dispose of them?" Unlike conventional tampons a Jam Sponge is completely bio degradable, so when it has done it's best for you it can be composted. It won't contribute to landfill in any way and cute surfers won't have to share their knarly wave with your crimson one. "It's huge, I'll never fit that in!" Don't panic! When wet a Jam Sponge will scrunch up nicely but if you try it and still feel uncomfortable just trim a few millimeters away from the outside edge until it feels better. If you cut it in half you will mess up it's shape and it won't work so well. If you cut it too small it won't create a seal and it won't work so well so trim small amounts away at a time. "Why are Jam Sponges a funny colour?" A Jam Sponge is totally natural and unbleached. They have been washed in water and tea tree oil and left to air dry before being sold and that is all. "Do they come in different absorbencies?" Yes we now stock a larger size for heavy periods They are big enough for you to trim them back if you need to. You can put them in sideways or lengthways depending on the shape of your insides. "But I have really heavy periods!" Either by the large size or use 2 Jam Sponges at once, it's ok! One higher and one lower. The sponges come from the bottom of the ocean where they sit and act as a filter. They are picked individually from the Mediterranean Ocean so that the ocean beds continue to restock themselves. The divers who collect the sponges are careful to ensure that the roots of the sponge remain intact so as the sponge can regenerate. They have been farming sponges for generations and if they overpick them they will lose their livelihood. The sponges need clean sea waters to live otherwise they will die. Their existence is a proof that the water around them is not polluted.

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