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Thank you for choosing Si-Bell, a reusable menstrual cup made of medical grade silicone. Si-Bell is hypoallergenic and without latex. Si-Bell has been designed to be folded and inserted into your vagina, allowing a healthier and eco-friendlier alternative to tampons and towels.
Once inserted, Si-Bell opens up and takes place in the lower part of the vagina, thus it is held in place by the pressure of your vaginal muscles.
Si-Bell has to be emptied, rinse and reinserted every 4 to 8 hours.
Si-Bell can be used overnight, travelling or when practising physical activity such as swimming, running and so on, without any risk.
Before using Si-Bell, we recommend you to read this user guide.
Diagram 1: Cup description
A) Rim
B) Holes avoiding suction effect when removing Si-Bell
C) External ridges
D) Base of Si-Bell
E) Stem
Check that the 4 holes under the rim of the cup are well pierced.
Wash your hand and wash the Si-Bell with warm water and mild soap.
After rinsing the cup thoroughly, place-it in an allocated pan full of water and boil it for 5 to 7 minutes.
Your Si-Bell is now ready to be used.
NB: We advise you to practise inserting and removing your Si-Bell for the last two days of your period. Give yourself plenty of time, and do not forget to relax!
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Diagram 2: Folding technique
Si-Bell takes place lower than a tampon.
Wash your hand carefully, fold your Si-Bell in a U shape and hold onto it firmly with your finger and thumb, as nearest as possible of the cup base.
With your other hand, open the labia and insert the cup into your vagina, guiding it towards your lower back. Your Si-Bell has to be placed around one phalanx of the vagina entrance.
Take off your fingers, and the Si-Bell will open by itself.
Diagram 3: Position of the Si-Bell and position of tampon
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A squatting position shortens the vagina and makes the Si-Bell removal easier.
Diagram 4:
 Empty your Si-Bell every 4 to 8 hours.
 Wash your hand carefully.
 In order to make the removal easier, you can sit on the toilet or you can squat. Your vagina muscles do not have to be tensed, so relax.
 If you cannot reach the base of the Si-Bell, pull gently on the stem.
If you cannot reach the stem of the cup, you can ‘push’ the Si-Bell using your vaginal muscles in order to make its removal easier.
 Do not forget to stop the suction effect before removing your cup.
Diagram 5: To release the seal
Gently squeeze the base of the Si-Bell or insert a finger along the Si-Bell.
When the menstrual cup is released, you may hear it.
Remove gently the Si-Bell in order to avoid to spill the blood : when the Si-Bell base is almost out, slightly tilt the cup on the sideway to remove half of the rim, and then angling in the other way to release the other half. This way, the Si-Bell remains upright, ensuring a smoothly removal without spilling the fluid contained inside.
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Empty the contents of the Si-Bell in toilet, rinse and reinsert.
You need to keep your Si-Bell clean.
Wash-it regularly with a mild soap and warm water, and rinse it well with clean water(soap may cause vaginal irritation).
Use a soft brush to clean the ridges. You can turn the Si-Bell inside out to clean if necessary.
The tiny holes situated just under the rim of the Si-Bell help to stop the suction effect. You have to be sure that these holes are always clear. If necessary, you can use a needle to clean them.
If you are in public toilet, take a bottle of water with you to rinse your Si-Bell; empty it, rinse it and reinsert it. Next time, ensure you clean the Si-Bell more thoroughly. When travelling, take care to always use drinkable water to clean your Si-Bell.
Over time, the Si-Bell can lose its colours, but this does not affect its efficiency. Discolouration can be removed using a sterilising solution (see next paragraphs).
If you note any tears or any other changes on the Si-Bell, we recommend to replace it.
You can clean your Si-Bell more thoroughly if you like to.
Choose one of the following methods : Boil your Si-Bell for 5 to 7 minutes in an allocated pan, with sufficient water to cover the whole cup. Do not boil dry!
Soak your Si-Bell into a sterilizing solution (>5% sodium hypochlorite) respecting manufacturer’s guidelines. Do not exceed the sterilization time (usually between 7 and 10 minutes). Use a steam steriliser.
Never use the following products (they may damage your Si-Bell or cause vaginal irritation): X Petrol based substances such as Vaseline
X Essential oils such as tea trees oil X Harsh cleaners
X Perfumed soap X Dishwasher
Storing your Si-Bell
Dry your Si-Bell and store it into the bag provided. Do not store it un plastic bag or a hermetic container.
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You need to be relaxed in order to remove your Si-Bell. If you meet some troubles when trying to remove your Si-Bell, do not panic. Whilst your Si-Bell is inside your vagina, it is maintained by your vaginal muscles. Tension will only make the removal more difficult.
The opening at the top of your vagina into the womb is the size of a pinhead. Thus, your Si-Bell cannot be ‘lost’ and, due to its flexibility Si-Bell cannot cause any damage.
It is necessary to be relaxed to remove your Si-Bell, so take your time to relax and reread the ‘HOW TO REMOVE YOUR Si-Bell’ section if you need. The squatting position makes easy the insertion and the removal of the Si-Bell.
If you cannot reach your Si-Bell, use your vaginal muscles to slide it down. To do so, a sequence of gentle and slow downward pushes is required. Whilst pushing, you can feel that your Si-Bell is rising again, but after 5 to 8 pushes down, your Si-Bell is going to start to slide down.
The stem does not have to be outside your vagina. Most women think that the stem is too long.
The stem has been made to be cut to sit its extremity just inside your vagina. Take the time to find the ideal length, as the entrance of your vagina will be irritated if the stem is too long.
Some women need to trim the stem totally. Be careful, and do it only if you feel able to remove your Si-Bell without any stem. If you feel any discomfort when sitting or walking, or if you feel that the Si-Bell is pinching the opening of your vagina, feel free to trim the stem.
Diagram 6:
If the stem is outside your vagina, you need to trim it.
REMOVE your Si-Bell before cutting the stem.
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Use clean scissors or nail cutters.
Cut the stem step by step, and reinsert your Si-Bell each time to check the length.
1) Position: Most of the time, the Si-Bell is not placed enough low into the vagina (refer to section ‘Si-Bell INSERTION’).
2) Stem: Check that the stem of the Si-Bell is trimmed according to your needs (refer to section ‘UNCOMFORTABLE FEELING – THE STEM’).
3) Suction effect: Check the Si-Bell sticks correctly to your vaginal wall by:
 Running your finger all around the side of the Si-Bell, checking that it is fully open, or
 Pinching the base of the Si-Bell (not the stem) and rotating it, or
 Clenching the Si-Bell in your vaginal muscles
Diagram 7 :
4) Size of the Si-Bell : If you are using a Si-Bell of size ‘S’ which is constantly moving or leaking, you probably need to try the size ‘L’.
The Si-Bell has no influence on the vaginal secretions. Thus, you can wear it before your period as prevention, or during your period for light and profuse bleeding.
To avoid being stressed while using the Si-Bell for the first time, you may wish to wear a towel.
You do not have to remove the cup when going to the toilets. Therefore, some women choose to remove it. You can use the menstrual cup Si-Bell in addition to contraceptive means such as coil.
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However, we advise you to consult your doctor in order to be sure that you can use both at a time, without any intervention.
For further information, problem or question, do not hesitate to check our website: or to contact us by email at:, reminding us the lot number written on the inside of the Si-Bell’s packaging.
Si-Bell is not a contraceptive.
Si-Bell will not protect you against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).
Remove your Si-Bell and contact your doctor if you experience symptoms such as general pain, burning, irritation, or any discomfort during urination.
It is not necessary to remove your Si-Bell for urination or bowel movements, but you must remove it before intercourse.
We recommend to not sharing your Si-Bell with another person.
Keep your Si-Bell out of the reach of children and animals.
Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS)
Menstrual cups are used since the 30’s and they have never been associated to the Toxic Shock Syndrome.
The TSS is considered as a serious disease, sometimes fatal.
It is caused by a bacterial toxin associated with ‘Staphylococcus aureus’. The TSS is often correlated to tampons.
TSS symptoms are similar to those of the flu, including: sudden fever (>39°C), muscular pain, vomiting, headache, diarrhoea, dizziness, fainting, or rash rather like a sunburn.
If you experience one of these symptoms when using the Si-Bell, remove it and contact immediately your doctor.
If you have already suffer from TSS, ask your doctor advice before using Si-Bell.
SI-LINE by Sterne- ZAC du MIN - Rue Jean Monnet – 84300 Cavaillon - FRANCE
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Could I wear Si-Bell…
…before my periods ?
Yes, to prevent leakage. …during my periods ?  Yes, empty Si-Bell every 4 to 8 hours.
…when going to the bathroom ?
Yes, you can. …when using a contraceptive mean such as coil? ? We recommend asking your doctor.
…when doing sport ?
Yes, Si-Bell is an effective protection. …with abundant bleeding ?  Yes, you only need to empty Si-Bell more often..
…at night, when sleeping ?
Yes, Si-Bell is a real solution against leakage. …when having sex ?
No, it is unadvised to wear Si-Bell during penetration.
...if I have experienced or experience TSS symptoms?
We advise you to contact your doctor before use.
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